WINES               Cabernet Sauvignon 
10 Span        10 36Noble Vines 337                               10 36
Caravan                                           2012 High alcohol, so it comes off very sweet with big powerful cherry fruit. California. Sweet And Black Fruits.2012   87
Cypress Valley Central Coast 2013 California. A crowd pleaser. Raspberry And Vanilla firm, sweet tannins. 2013. 9 31
Josh Cab                                       2013 North Coast. Burst with plumb and blackberry layered with smokey vanilla and roasted almonds 9 34
Stags Leap Artemis                     2012 California. soft entry with ripe mixed berry and plum flavors. The wine has a medium-bodied mouthfeel with round, satin-like tannins.Black Cherry And Plum. 2012   98
Stags Leap                                     2012 Napa Valley, California. full structure and soft, fresh finish.
Sweet Tabacco And Spicy Vanilla   69
silver palm     44
Freakshow                                     2012 California. A bit of Petite Shiraz blended in. Fruit And Oak. 2012   45
Faust                                              2012 Napa Valley, California. very full and feels hot from the high alcohol.  Cherry And Tea Leaf. 2012   98
Pinot Noir      
Belle Gloss                                   2014 California.full bodied, very well balanced and smooth as silk. Berries And Grapes. 2014   90
HobNob                                      2012 France. bouquet of violets and bursting with cherry flavors with soft tannins, to create a smooth, rich texture. 11 45
Other Reds      
Cigar Zin Red Zinfandel            2012 California. Pairs perfectly with a big juicy steak. Red Fruit And Black Pepper. 2012 11 41
Earthquake Red Zin                  2013 California. Berry Fruit And Loamy Soil. 2013   58
Conundrum Calif Red 2012 California. round, full-bodied entry on the palate, Rich Berries And BBQ. 2012   46
The Crusher Petite Shiraz         2013      California. 6% Pinot Noir, Black Licorice And Purple Plum. 2013 11 41
Layer Cake Sirah                         2013 Australia.Spicy Black Berries And Mocha. 2013   31
Penfolds Shiraz  Thomas Hyland Australia. Adalaide. Coffee And Fruit. 2012 11 42
Robertson Winery Sweet Chilled Red Fruity and soft with smooth sweet cherry and ripe berry flavours. Served chilled 9 32
Ruta 22 Malbec                            2013 South America. A favorite with beef Ripe Fruit With Vanilla 2013 9 34
Folie a Deax                                    2012 California. Blackberry And Balsamic Vinegar. 2012   41
Josh                                                 2013 California. Plums And Dark Chocolate. 2013 9 34
Trinchero                                      2010 Napa Valley  It has layered aromas of crèmede cassis, vanilla, black fruit, sweet tea and rosemary leading into luscious and concentratedbright red and black fruit flavors with hints of anise and spice.”      81
Cypress Valley Merlot                2013 soft, supple. mixed fruit bouquet of Bing cherry and red currant mixed with white chocolate, light cedar and acacia flowers. 9 31
Wm Wycliff Champagne Fruity with a touch of strawberry and the perfect amount of sugar. Crisp and finished on the upswing   19
Mumm Napa A complex assemblage of primarily Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, layered white blossom aromas, followed by creamy vanilla, citrus, stone fruit and melon, elegant acidity and crisp structure, medium-bodied sparkling wine   45
Moet & Chandon a balanced assemblage of the three wine varieties from the most expressive crus of the Champagne region.   75
A By Acadia                                    2013 California. Apple And Honeycomb. 2013 10 36
Sonoma-Cutrer                             2013 California. Peach And Butter. 2013   50
Cake Bread Cellars                      2013 California. Melon And Oak Spice. 2013   96
Jordan                                              2013 Alexander Valley, Sonoma Co. passion fruit, persimmon and Granny Smith apple   90
J Lohr  Riverstone Arroyo Seco Monterey.  A fresh, youthful and rich Chardonnay with flavors of nectarine, apple, citrus and honey. 10 36
Stags Leap California. Peach And Honey. 2013   51
Stags Leap Karia California. Sweet Vanilla And Honey. 2013   69
Sauvignon Blanc      
The Crossings New Zealand. Passionfruit And Melon. 2014 10 36
Nobilo Icon New Zealand. Pineapple And Grapefruit. 2014   42
Oyster Bay New Zealand. Passionfruit And Flower. 2014   27
Pinot Grigio      
Barone Fini                                    2014 Italy. Fruit. 2014 soft, round fruit fills the mouth with ripe, juicy flavors. 9 31
Santa Margherita                         2014 Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy fresh, clean fragrance that is followed by a crisp, refreshing flavor with hints of citrus fruits.   54
Chateau Ste Michelle Washington. Peaches And Apricots. 2013   29
Sea Glass                                       2013 apricot, sweet peaches, tropical fruit with floral undertones. 8 28
Other Whites      
McPhearson Viognier                 2014 Texas. wonderful alternative to Chardonnay and it has far more exotic and intriguing flavors and aromas.    39
Fall Creek Chenin Blanc             2013 Off-dry with a wonderful citrus flavor  8 30
Sofia Blanc de Blancs                 2014 Francis Coppola. Sparkling Wine Fruity and refreshing, Sofia Blanc de Blancs is a rare blend of Pinot Blanc, Muscat, and Riesling.   36


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